The following questions and answers serve as the highlights of our terms of service, by checking the box on check out, you agree to these terms and conditions. LATEST UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2017.

If you have any issues that need resolution regarding services rendered, please email:

How do I get the flat rate bag?
We will bring you 2-3 flat rate bags on your first order. If you need additional bags just ask your delivery pro…they usually have extras.

Do I get to keep the bag?
YES.  The bags are free and they’re yours to keep. Use them for your next order. We care about the environment and we’ve designed the bags to be sizeable, reusable and biodegradable.

How can I tell the weight of my laundry?
You don’t need to worry about the weight, as there is a fixed price per laundry bag. Items for dry cleaning will be billed on an itemized basis.

How do I request a pick up?
Go online to www.westweyfalcon.com or download the android app in the play store. iOS coming soon.

How should I sort my laundry before collection?
Put clothes for wash, fold and ironing in one bag and those items for dry cleaning in another.

Will you send me the itemized inventory of the clothes I send in?
As part of our efforts to keep costs and turnaround time low, we do not itemize laundry sent in; however, we take pre and post wash images that can be reviewed to ascertain what we received, in what condition and what we send out after cleaning.

We can however, make exceptions to send confirmations if we receive and itemized list from you with the order either in writing on pick up or via email to

I am no longer available at the set time, what do I do?
Just send us an email to let us know your new time for pick up and our navigator will be out to meet you. Please make all effort to cancel or change bookings 3 hours before laundry pick-ups and 24 hours before home cleaning. A cancellation fee of Ksh. 250 will be accessed otherwise.

Which items can be washed and which can be dry-cleaned?
Great question. Read the care instructions on the clothing label inside the garment to be certain. A general rule of thumb is that dry cleaning is for synthetic materials and more refined items – e.g. suits and delicate dresses – and laundry are for natural materials – e.g. t-shirts, pants, and socks.

How is the washing and drying done?
You can select if you would like hand wash or machine wash at booking. You can also specify specific instructions for each order. All items are machine dried unless otherwise requested.

How much does it cost?
For laundry, we charge a flat rate of Ksh. 1200 per bag for machine wash, and Ksh. 750 for hand wash.

Is there a minimum order?
Minimum order is one bag for laundry, wash and fold or dry cleaning equivalent to Ksh. 750 per order minimum.

What if my bag is not full, can you reduce payment?
Unfortunately, the same rate applies. Our pilots appreciate light bags…so go ahead and order anyway :).

Should I tip cleaning professionals or riders?
That’s up to you, really. If you’re thrilled when they show up by all means show them love – financially or by writing us a lovely review and telling your friends.

I am only available at specific times of the day, can I pick my exact service times when ordering?
We work with time blocks, unfortunately, not specific / exact times; For laundry, currently 6-8AM weekdays and 8AM-10AM & 10AM-Noon on weekends; if you need to get a pick up / drop off after this timeframe we’ll do our best to make it happen. Typically, this requires a small surcharge of between ksh250-350 as payment to our logistics partners to handle the one-off / out of schedule requests.

For home cleaning we have operate in 3 hour arrival time windows though out the week starting at 9AM-Noon and so on [please note this is the expected time of arrival not the expected timeframe for completing service]. We ask for flexibility accordingly.


Can you deliver to my home after work hours?
We understand that everyone has individual schedules we try our best to meet them; unfortunately, we had to stop the late night time blocks due to security reasons i.e., safety of client items and personnel. If you have strict time constraint please specify in the instructions and we will action as best as we can to make it work for you.

When do I get charged/ have to pay for service? How do I pay?
For laundry: Our pilots will bring bags to get your laundry, you can fill them as much as you need. Once order is clean + fresh [typically 48hrs for regular wash+fold, 72 hours in cases where some/ all your items need repeat cleaning], we’ll let you know. You can then confirm availability, make payment to approve dispatch to you

For home cleaning: our vetted cleaning pros will be dispatched on the day of your order and you’ll receive a notification [call or text] as they’re on the way to you – pros typically require payment to be dispatched.

Please note that home estimates are limited to a max of one living room only.

For gas & other home deliveries: our delivery partners will be in touch to confirm orders and will be with you in no time.

For Payments: Please via mPesa paybill #: 711467 [graymatter]/ debit/ credit. No cash please. Payment is made to authorize dispatch for laundry / gas; home cleaning payments vary depending on the pros but mostly upon arrival of cleaning pro.

Should I be worried about the safety of my clothes while in your care?
You don’t have to worry – we take good care of your clothes. They are covered for loss or damages with our loss reserves,  and insured whilst being transported. Rest easy.

Are there things that you will not wash?
Currently, we wash most items of clothing. As a general rule, we will not wash carpets, area rugs, leather, seat covers, suede materials and curtains. If our laundry specialist discovers that it would not be sensible to wash a certain textile, we will contact you and agree on how to continue.

Can you get a tough stain out for me?
Yes, we can definitely give it our best shot. If/ when there are special stain situations; please note it in the additional information portion of the online form and we’ll give it our best shot.

How do I know that my personal items of laundry are in safe hands?
The safety of personal items is in our hearts. Our professionals understand that and are hand-selected professionals. If your personal items need to be washed a certain way, don’t worry – we’ll ask you for any special requests when we collect them.

How much do you charge for dry cleaning?
All prices inclusive of VAT.

Will you dry clean other items not on this list?
We will try our best to accommodate; if there is a comparable item on our list that closely matches your order or we find special rates from our dry cleaning partners, we will proceed and notify you; otherwise, we will have to separate out the item and return them not cleaned.

My clothes need to be washed in a specific way – what can you do?
We know that your clothes are very personal items. Please enter specific needs in the additional information section and we’ll do our best to handle accordingly; if in any case we can not meet the desired handling we will notify you on returning the items or alternate approach to handling.

What do I do if you ruin or lose my clothes?
In the unlikely event of this happening, please contact our customer care within 48 hours of receiving your items. We’ll deal with these situations on a personal level. We cover lost and damaged items up to the lesser of market value of damaged items or 5X the value of our charges for services. This presumes the client has made payment for services rendered, otherwise, the charges for services rendered will be deducted.

We strive to replace lost or ruined items expeditiously; our resolution timeframes after reporting the issue is 14-21 working days. We typically take time to search for misplaced clothing by reviewing all records and image capture files and / or look for the best available replacement. Please note that items acquired outside of Kenya will be replaced with the closest local equivalent within our set policy. We support the {buy local} movement. 🙂

In some cases, clients prefer to replace items themselves please provide us receipts of such purchases to process fair assessment and reimbursement.

How do you determine market value of lost items?
This is assessed based on year of purchase/ age of item, type of item and current market value. We stick to international standards of assessing claims as well as guidance from local insurance agencies. Sample depreciation charts for items can be found here. or here.

Do you compensate for sentimental/ emotional value or inconvenience of items lost/ damaged?
Unfortunately, sentimental/ emotional value and inconvenience can not be compensated and as such is discounted when valuing lost or damaged goods.

Do I have to pay for the laundry service if there are damages to my clothes?
Each case is unique, however, as a general rule we suggest all payments are made. Refunds can be issued as needed as compensation. In cases where items were replaced, this is considered “being made whole” and the service was indeed rendered. For example, a ruined shirt that was replaced with a new one is considered equivalent to a dirty shirt properly cleaned [so clean its brand new, literally].

Where does the washing go?
Your order is taken to our operations facilities for handling and/ or processing to our partner locations as needed, these are continuously tested and monitored to ensure high quality of service.

How do I redeem my voucher code?
You enter the voucher code after choosing your time slot just before checkout. On the checkout page, simply enter it in the box that says “COUPON CODE” and submit, it will reflect in your totals

How do I set up an account?
An account can only be setup when placing your first order either through app or webpage. The most convenient way to setup an account is via the website or to download the App.

How do I cancel my order?
Just send us an email [[email protected]] to let us know your new time for pick up and our navigator will be out to meet you. Please make all effort to cancel or change bookings 3 hours before laundry pick-ups and 24 hours before home cleaning. A cancellation fee of Ksh.250 will be accessed otherwise.

Are text or email orders also included in your coverage and terms?
Yes, same conditions apply to phone, text, whatsapp, social media and email orders.

How long can you hold on to my clothes after completion of cleaning before it becomes a problem or I get charged?
Generally, we’re fine holding on to clothes if deliveries are missed or you’re unavailable for up to 7 calendar days. After this timeframe a surcharge of ksh.100 per day will be assessed on your original invoice. Exceptions are made if we are notified ahead via email or SMS in which case we are able to hold on to them for 14 calendar days at no fee; subsequently, the same surcharge applies.
Items left with us for 60 days or more will be donated to charity.

Are text or email orders also included in your coverage and terms?
Yes, by agreeing to our terms and conditions on your first order, same conditions apply to phone, text, whatsapp, social media and email orders.

Do you have a money-back or do-over guarantee?
Yes we do. If you are not satisfied with our cleaning or laundry, we are not satisfied either. We will re-do every cleaning and laundry 3 times over for free, and if you’re still not happy we will apologize and process a refund of your payment.

Please note that claims regarding service need to be filed within 48 hours of the service in question. Also, the money-back guarantee does not include late drop offs or other circumstances unrelated to cleaning quality beyond our control.

Under what circumstances will I not qualify for a do-over or money-back?
We are totally comfortable sending do-overs for free within 48hours of initial service completion. However, there are cases of exceptions where a do-over is voided including unfair treatment of pros, inaccurate size estimates of apartment / home e.g., pros cleaning end up cleaning more rooms than stated, unpaid invoices, negative rating history [our pros often rate service completed], suspicion of “malicious”/ “fraudulent” requests, amongst others.

Are your services covered for damages?
We provide damage coverage up during home cleaning to the lesser of current market value of damaged goods or 10X the value of our charges for home cleaning services rendered. For laundry services, we cover lost and damaged items up to the lesser of market value of damaged items or 5X the value of our charges for services for the said item. Please file claims within 24 hours of service completion.

What’s included in a home cleaning service?
Our standard cleaning service includes all of the basics you need to get your home in order. We carry out cleaning of insides of refrigerators, ovens and cabinets for an additional small fee. We however, don’t offer window washing services – we will clean the insides thoroughly, but we do not offer outside window cleaning.

Can you refuse / deny me service?
In rare cases we are forced to deny service usually to protect our professionals and/ or in very rare cases where all available pros decline jobs; such cases include history of implicit or explicit misuse/ abuse of pros work time. This includes making unreasonable cleaning request; some examples of include demand to scrub using toothbrush or non approved cleaning devices, cleaning areas not included in service request [e.g., walls and external windows, additional rooms not included in order], attempted poaching/ soliciting of cleaning pros, and history of poor feedback received from pros, amongst other.

In addition, stating false estimates on the home also may warrant a cancellation and denial of future services.

Do you offer office/corporate cleaning services?
Yes, we offer office and business space support for SMEs across Nairobi. Just click on westweyfalcon.com/for-business to get started or send us an email [email protected]

What’s included in a flat rate laundry service?
Our standard wash and fold laundry includes washing [machine or hand wash] and tidy folding of every item. Ironing and dry cleaning come at an additional charge.

Do cleaners bring their own supplies?
Yes, they bring the basics for a good home cleaning, except for bathroom cleaning tools – they have to use yours for hygiene reasons. You can expect them to bring:

  • Rags and wipes
  • Various cleaning solutions and equipment
  • Vacuum cleaners are brought in special cases i.e., spring cleaning or move-in/outs only.

If you have your own cleaning supplies that you’d prefer your professional to use, that’s perfectly fine. Just add in descriptions or let them know when they arrive. If there are special situations please detail in the app/ site when requesting service.

Who are the cleaning pros on ?
The professionals using the platform are independent service providers. It’s our job to help connect you to them. All professionals apply to register on the platform, and undergo a background check and training sessions and assessment before they are sent to you.

The professionals are typically current or former experts from reputable hotel and hospitality industry. They are required to maintain high customer ratings, so make sure to rate/ provide feedback on  your professionals after each booking.

How do you guarantee trust & safety?
Trust is key to us. You have invited us into your homes and we wont betray that trust. The cleaning elves on our platform are background-checked and rated by other customers using. Our cleaning pros also have boy cameras on their aprons [if selected] to provide extra peace of mind.

Furthermore, the services are covered for loss and damage up to 5x [laundry/ dry cleaning]-7x[home cleaning] the value of service so that if anything goes wrong, your property is protected.

We suggest that as with hotel standards, you secure all valuable personal belongings

Do you accept walk-ins?
Unfortunately, we don’t.  We always endeavor to come to you to ensure we keep our promise of making your life easier. If you have to drop off laundry with us physically, please email us at and we’ll see what we can do. That said, feel free to come visit us anytime – we love you.

What if I am not comfortable with the cleaning professional that comes?
No problem we want you to be as comfortable as possible. We will gladly reschedule your appointment. Simply do the following:

Notify the pro that you will like to reschedule within 10 minutes of arrival

Send us an email to with details of your concerns