Residential Cleaning

Imagine having more time to Relax, Imagine coming home to sparkling clean. Our cleaning system has been developed and perfected over years. Westwey Falcon Cleaning Services focus is to provide thorough and detailed cleaning services with the goal of exceeding your expectations. WESTWEY FALCON Cleaning Services has been helping busy people like you for years. We realize every person and home has different needs; that's why we provide you with the flexibility to book our "complete cleaning package" or "customize" it to suit your needs. Below is an outline of our complete cleaning package…

Our Complete Cleaning Package

To get started with WESTWEY FALCON Cleaning Services get a free estimate and discover the schedule that works best for you and your home. Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or occasional visits are available. You can just keep it simple and select our complete cleaning package for a fresh whole home experience and ask for the rates. Our complete cleaning package includes:

Clean exterior of cupboards and appliances
Clean exterior and interior of microwave ovens
Clean and sanitize sinks, countertops and backsplash
Clean tables and chairs
Vacuum and wash floors

Clean and sanitize showers and bathtubs
Clean and sanitize vanities, sinks and backsplash
Clean mirrors
Clean and sanitize toilets
Wash tile walls
Vacuum and wash floors

Entryway Closets
Remove footwear
Clean baseboards
Vacuum and wash floors

All Rooms
Dust ceiling fans and light fixtures
Dust all furniture, ornaments, knickknacks, picture frames, blinds, window sills, stair railings, louvered doors, door frames, tops of doors and baseboards
Dust shelving and woodwork
Vacuum furniture including under seat cushions
Spot wash walls, doors and remove cob webs
Tidy and straighten
Vacuum carpets and area rugs
Vacuum and wash hard surface floors
Empty wastebaskets

Customize To Suit Your Needs

You may choose to customize your cleaning requirements to suit your needs and or budget. Add on any of our Additional Services (below) or delete any of our regular services from our Complete Cleaning Package.
Whatever your needs, we will be sure to meet them.

Additional Services that will save you even more time


The following additional services can be performed upon request:

Inside of fridge
Inside of cupboards
Inside of windows
Thorough wall washing
Seasonal Cleanings
Move ins and Move Outs
Carpet Cleaning

Our Guarantee

We offer a service that you can depend on each and every time we clean your home. If at any time you are not satisfied call our office within 24 hours and we will gladly send a crew to redo whatever is in question at no extra charge.

Offices & Commercial Cleaning

Planned Supervision And On-Site Monitoring Guaranteed

Offices are a workspace where people have specific roles and responsibilities. The work environment should be clean and attractive to work in fully fledged manner. Hence forth Westwey Falcon Cleaning Services offers unique corporate cleaning services through a well trained staff who are highly motivated with a "can do" attitude.

We provide tailored cleaning and support services to various offices and commercial properties. Our services are tailored according to each client's requirement. Our Cleaners are well chosen and placed on site according to site specification and are selected carefully. We offer expert cleaning solution for businesses of all sizes.

Westwey Falcon Cleaning Services main objective is to develop a lasting relationship with our customers based on joint commitment to continuously improve all aspects of services. You are guaranteed, regular, trained, vetted, experienced and clean, professional cleaners on your site.

For Your Office Cleaning You Can Be Guaranteed:

Professionally trained permanently employed staff
Fully supervised work
Quality audits
Well uniformed and ID badge caring staff
Close teamwork between operatives, supervisors and management.
Personalized approach
Regular customer feedback
100% reliable and expert services across all board

Schools And Nurseries Cleaning

Setting The Stage For Learning

At Westwey Falcon Cleaning Services we understand that a clean, well-maintained, ordered environment supports learning. We recognize the ebb and flow of daily life at college and the unique cleaning challenges it presents.

Nurseries, Colleges or Universities are round-the-clock operations. At any given time, students, staff, administrators and visitors are onsite in classrooms, lecture halls, offices, eating areas, dorms, libraries and gathering places.

A cleaning and maintenance schedule in a learning institution has to be flexible, consistent and thorough, creating a safe, healthy environment. Janitorial staff are often the first to be aware of areas that have fallen into disrepair. We are proactive in bringing this to your attention and wherever possible, addressing the issue as quickly as possible.

Because students and staff spend long hours in certain locations, we apply deep cleaning methods to select areas to support a healthy physical environment throughout the campus.

College and University populations are highly aware of environmental protection and demand the highest levels of compliance. Westwey Falcon Cleaning services offer Schools & Nurseries the best quality service where top cleaning standards are applicable using environmental friendly products.

Clinic & Hospital Cleaning

The main purpose of all cleaning is to address human health considerations. In a health care environment – whether a major hospital or a community clinic – this purpose reaches its highest application. Westwey Falcon Cleaning Services settings ensure rigorous protection of vulnerable populations such as children, the elderly, people with acute, chronic and life-threatening illness or injury. By making this a top priority, Westwey Falcon Cleaning Services also sustains a healthy environment for staff and visitors and helps to protect against the spread of disease.

Our extensive experience in providing service to the health care sector means that we are compliant with all current Health and Safety standards, Occupational Health and Safety standards, and all other applicable regulations. Working closely with health care professionals, acute Cleaning Services establishes programs and processes to create the optimum environment for the continuum of care.

Confident that cleaning continually meets the highest standards, health care professionals are free to concentrate on their essential task, patients and visitors are reassured, health and healing are strongly supported.