Bio Metric Reader Access Control Systems

Bio Metric systems are some of the most excellent systems of controlling entry to un-authorized zones and data . a biometric system is a pattern recognition unit that gathers a specific type of biometric data from a person, focuses on a relevant feature of that data, compares that feature to a preset group of attributes in its database, and then performs an action based on the accuracy of the comparison. An effective system can precisely identify an individual.

At Westwey Falcon Security, we are the market leader for biometric access control systems .Due to the delicacy and complexity of such systems, we ensure you that we will supply and install biometric systems that will work efficiently and effectively.

Biometric systems uses special parts such as finger prints to identify identity of a person to grant access. The finger print of the authorized person is scanned and kept in the database. Then, a finger print reader is put near the door.

Our Biometic Access Control Systems can be used in private premises. Office premises or business premises in order to enhance security of your private information , valuables and items.

Our staff are well trained and experienced in the installation of this product. Please do not hesitate to ask our staff any questions as they will give you perfect solution of how to use the system. To make orders please call us and we will be happy to assist .

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