K9 Dog & Handlers

K-9 Procurement and Training

Security K-9s can be purchased for use both as pets and as residential protection dogs. These dogs will have basic to advanced training and protection skills based on the client requirement, and are an excellent visual deterrent for Home security. Security K-9s can be taught to live within the home and travel with the client for close quarter personal protection. The Dogs can be raised and trained with clients or purchased as adults for immediate use.

Training for existing pet dogs of WPG clients

Training is available for WPG clients who have dogs of any breed. Training is available for clients who may be experiencing behavior problems, or for dogs who simply need obedience training and home manners training. All training will be customized to the individual needs of the dog and clients. Training can be done in our kennel facility, in the client’s home, or a combination of the two programs. Private training can be arranged for staff and assistants who deal with the dog when the clients are out of town. Ongoing boarding with brush up training is also available.

Handler Dog Teams for Estate Security

Security K-9s are an excellent addition to Home security when operated by professional security handlers. Handler dog teams are an unbeatable combination with the handlers reasoning ability and the dog’s incredible instincts. The handler has all of the responsibility of the maintenance of the K-9, leaving the clients worry and responsibility free for all daily care and training.

Detection Dog Teams

Narcotic and Explosive Detection Dog Teams can be used for Home security, event security, hotel room sweeps, luggage sweeps, and as a deterrent for corporate and residential security.